Efficiency, Luck, Resilience, Comfort, Frame, Power.


Efficiency (Token Earning) – Solo Mode, Race Mode

The index affects the number of CYC tokens received for participating in activities.

In Solo Mode, Efficiency plays a part in CYC earnings. Having a higher Efficiency Attribute will result in better CYC earnings per Energy spent. In Race Mode, higher Efficiency leads to a faster accumulation of Leaderboard points.


Luck (Mystery Box) – Solo Mode, Bicycle Rental (Coming Soon)

Affects the quantity and quality of the Mystery Box drop. The bicycle owner might receive the Mystery Box after playing the games himself or during the rental. The index will be based on 70% of the basics index and 30% bonus index.


Resilience (Durability/Repair) – Solo Mode, Race Mode, Riding Job

Resilience affects the durability index of the bicycle. The higher the index, the lower the damage on the bicycle after each game => the lower the repairing costs. Apply in Solo mode, Daily work.

The durability of each new bicycle will start at 100. After each usage, the durability of the bicycle will be reduced by 5. Based on the Resilience index, it will calculate the repair cost on the durability lost. The repair cost for each time will then be accumulated. If the durability is less than 50%, users will need to repair the bicycle or the rewards will be reduced accordingly.


Reduced time to complete 1 race in Solo mode, Race mode (PvE)

Suitable for bicycles traveling inside the city, delivery. The index affects the cooling time (resting time) after each match => the bicycle can participate in more tournaments => suitable for PvE – type bicycles and gain extra rewards.

At the riding job location 3 requirements for the Comfort index must be 61 or higher (only suitable for delivery bicycles).


Frame – Race mode, Daily work

In Race mode, the stability, speed, and strength of the bicycle will be decided by Frame. If the Frame is weak, the speed will be affected after 50% of the distance as well as the player's stamina. In Solo mode, poor Frame results in lower performance in daily races. At working locations, 4 the requirements for the Frame index must be 61 or higher (only suitable for delivery bicycles).


Power index Power (BCF Earning) – Solo Mode, Race Mode, Staking/Governance (Under Development) The Power index affects the number of governance tokens that users will receive. Users can unlock it when their bicycle level reaches 20. Users can choose to earn BFC if they reach level 20 or above. The reward formula based on the Power index will be announced later.

  • The maximum index is 300 points. If the number of users reached the maximum, the amount of BCF will reach the maximum.

  • Requirements for The Power index while participating in Riding job location 2 and working location is 61 or higher.

Bicycle Quality

There are six Bicycle qualities. When a Bicycle is minted, the value of each Attribute will be chosen at random within the min. and max. values according to Bicycle quality. As such, even Bicycles of the same quality may have vastly different Attribute distributions.

QualityMin. AttributeMax. Attribute



















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