Bicycle Characters

Road bike, Hydra bike, Touring bike, BMX bicycle, Mountain bicycle (MTB), City Bicycle

You can assemble a bicycle and you will randomly get one bicycle character each time you assemble it.

Currently, the system has 6 bicycles with 2 different roles. With the development and upgrade of the BicycleFi game, there will be more characters and roles unlocked with their unique talents.

BMX Bike

City Bike

Hybrid Bike

Mountain Bike

Road Bike

Touring Bike

Bicycle Customization (Under Development)

At Level 30, users have the option of burning CYC/BCF/NFT to customize their Bicycles, including but not limited to - name changing, adding a quote, adding extra Attribute points etc. More detail about customization will be released soon.

Genesis Bicycle

Genesis Bicycles on BNBChain are bicycle #1 - 10,000

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